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Hello. I’ve wanted to contact you with the e-mail but there isn’t any information about you. I have some questions about your project presented in Blackhat 2014. That’s are about the ZWAVE protocol. Firstly, I downloaded the grc(Zwave in grc) files from the ‘bitbucket’. Is it just for the sniffing the Zwave pkts? It can do the TX like directly turning off the Zwave light? and Could I get the demo videos and the descriptions about it ? Thank you!


All the GRC files we provide are able to do both TX and RX at the same time provided the underlying SDR you are using is capable of full duplex. You may need to tweak the sink and the source blocks though is you are using GnuRadio 3.6+ with an Ettus SDR or if you are using another SDR.

Regarding the videos of the demonstration, they have been put online on Airbus CyberSecurity’s blog