Quick non-technical update

This is one of my shortest blog post indeed.

While reading the slides of NCCGroup at BlackHat Asia 2014, the picture of the Facedancer21 looked pretty familiar to me. And it was not a coincidence because this was actually the picture I took last year of my own Facedancer to illustrate one of my blog post :-)

That gave me the following information:

  1. They read my blog, which is great :-)
  2. They seemed to like my pictures, which is also great!
  3. They bothered giving credits for cliparts but not for my picture… :-(

I frankly don’t mind if my work is re-used. It’s pretty much the opposite in fact: I’m quite proud when my work holds someone’s attention. Otherwise, what is the point of publicly publishing it, right? But I just expect people to behave “neighborly” like Travis Goodspeed may have said.

As I was faulty not putting a license indicator on my blog, starting from now, you can see the nice Creative Commons logo on the right side. It is a quite permissive license I think, still letting people do what they want. For people, organisation, etc. that need specific stuff under another license for any reason, feel free to ask me. Most of the time, it will be granted.

Edit (2014-03-29):

They contacted me and updated their slides. Very nice guys and very reactive. Hats off!